Danielle Frankel in Sydney


Claire Parrett

September 12, 2023


One bridal fashion designer whose dresses I completely adore and needs no introduction is Danielle Frankel. Bloom Australia in Brisbane is Australia’s exclusive Danielle Frankel stockist. Earlier this year they brought their Danielle Frankel collection to Sydney for their first trunk show of the New York designer.

Ask most women and they could probably recognise a Danielle Frankel gown instantly and have lusted over her dresses already. Not many bridal brands have as distinct an aesthetic as Danielle Frankel’s. Her designs are as modern as they are elegant.

Featuring unusual textures coupled with timeless silhouettes, her wedding dresses represent a new vanguard for bridal fashion. While they challenge the traditional idea of bridal fashion, they feel unmistakably feminine and beautiful. Designed with a respect for nostalgia and with tradition in mind, Frankel’s dresses redefine the modern woman’s desires. Intricate details in the materials, construction and accessories give her dresses an undeniable element of whimsy.

For brides looking for bridal gown that gives them a feeling of having their own special Vogue moment on their wedding day, Danielle Frankel will have long since been on their radar. Their craftsmanship encapsulates the very essence of haute couture. Since her launch she has amassed a following of women searching for a bridal look they can make their own. Something they haven’t seen before. Her designs feel more modern and fresh compared to what their mothers wore, but in a way that is appreciated by all generations.


Bloom Australia are our exclusive Danielle Frankel stockist for all Australian brides. Based in Brisbane, they regularly have brides visiting from interstate, so it was no surprise that within 2 days all 36 appointments were booked up. Set up in a luxurious suite at Pier One Sydney with views of the iconic Harbour Bridge, it was a big weekend of appointments, champagne and dreamy gowns.

Danielle Frankel trunk show in Sydney.
Bloom Australia's Danielle Frankel trunk show in the Pier One Suite.
Danielle Frankel trunk show with Bloom Australia.


Danielle Frankel’s gowns are intended to be worn beyond the wedding. The versatility of her dresses have become a standout. Many are easily worn for other occasions from rehearsal dinners to second reception looks. Now more than ever there is a conversation about sustainability in the fashion industry. While many brides re-sell their dresses to let them be loved more than once, the idea of an investment piece worn outside of the wedding has made a mark in this industry. Separate bustiers and tops can be paired with a long flowing skirt or tailored tuxedo pants to put together a new look while also having the freedom post-wedding to be styled in a new way.

Bloom Australia's Danielle Frankel trunk show in Sydney.


I hope this post has inspired and excited you for when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. If you’re a Sydney bride looking for a Danielle Frankel gown, Bloom Australia is the place to be.


Bloom Australia: https://www.bloomaustralia.com/

Danielle Frankel: https://www.daniellefrankelstudio.com/

Flowers: https://mrsgibbonsflowers.com.au/

Tailoring and alterations: https://myprivatetailor.com.au/

Hotel: https://www.pieronesydneyharbour.com.au/

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